MARI for games development

Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Artist!' started by thegreatpretender, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. thegreatpretender

    thegreatpretender Lurker One Of Us

    Anybody using The Foundry's MARI for texturing games art?

    Having spent a bit of time with it, I would just hate having to go back to Photoshop.
  2. Sehyron

    Sehyron Nintendo's Freakin Ass One Of Us

    isnT' MARI like, using infinite uv's or something. that would be hard to cram unto our ram isnt'it?
  3. Scotcher

    Scotcher Guring Gama One Of Us

    Tried it when it first came out, and loved it, but at that time it was only certified for Quddros and it was flakey on anything else, and Quaddros are total pish for game dev workstations. I understand they've addressed that now and it'll run on top-end consumer cards, but I've never got around to having another look.
  4. thegreatpretender

    thegreatpretender Lurker One Of Us

    Well, MARI supports your ordinary UVs as well as the new Ptex (no need for UVs, yay!) format. So either way...

    What makes it so amazing, is that you can paint your textures in context, on the model in real time. To be honest, I see this completely blowing Photoshop out of the water in terms of texture work over the next very few years.
  5. Sehyron

    Sehyron Nintendo's Freakin Ass One Of Us

    no doubt.

    It's great in case where you have plenty of memory to be able to do 1 to 1 uv to pixels texturing.

    but most time, we use a savant blend of masks and tiles and decals to do our stuff. Character work could use Mari today I guess.

    Environment work, maybe next gen, if we figure out a way to work like Rage did for most games.