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As some of you may already be aware, I am taking an extended leave from work, my life in general and The Chaos Engine website. While I may drop in from time to time, I am not planning on spending my sabbatical running around copying and pasting my journal notes in to threads here and I'm certainly not going to be sorting out your requests for applications and vouches to let your friends in to the forums...

If you really want to keep up with my day to say shenanigans then add me on Facebook (link below). And you're going to have to send your PMs to inPhill & Photon from now on. Scotchtober's going to be a pretty hectic month for me (London, The Hague and Dubai are on my itinerary) and I leave for Thailand at the end of the month.

I may see some of you out there and I may see some of you before I leave. Either way, I will miss you all and my infinite love to you good, good people and I'll see you on the flip-side.

This is Professor Phillias Pandemic Shminky signing off...
Join us against the morally bankrupt!

This is a Facebook Group that has been set up to try to bring people together against Tim Langdell and the current action he is taking against independent game developer MobiGames.
If you can't agree with someone we have a handy feature here at TCE called 'The Ignore List'. If you find that you and a certain someone are constantly bitching at each other to the detriment of the forums then maybe you should think about using this feature.

Click on the name of the person involved.
Along the top of their user profile you should see an option add them to your ignore list.

Please, I fucking implore you all.
Do it. Do it now.
Voting thread is now open! Well, actually it's been open for a while, but I've been a bit busy.
Unaccustomed as I am to drinking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hspeaking, I thought I would pen a word or two on this Chaosmas evening. Or something like that, anyway.

Either way, I would like to say once again how chuffed I am with the how the fundraising went, we are once again safe for another year, which is an ace christmas pressie :) At this rate we will outlast the games industry itself, but hey...

In the new year I hope to put new procedures in place which should hopefully get us back into the shape we once were, especially with regard to the gatekeeper position, however we also have a few other upgrades to throw into the mix, time willing.

Anyway for now, eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we crunch :) Merry Chaosmas to you all!
Nominate your choice for Game of the Year 2008 here:

Two nominations secures a place in the poll.

Two nominations for a new category, and two nominations for games in that category secures a poll for that category.

Nominate as many games as you like, for as many categories as you like.

Actual voting will open in January, honest. I mean it this time.
Is nearly upon us, so head on over to Irrelevant Corner and get nominating your favourite people for the following awards...

Tay Bridge Memorial Thread Derailment Award - Thread Derailment Award
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish - Epic Leaving Post
Signal to Noise Ratio - Most Useful Poster
And then Milk Came Out my Nose - Funniest Poster
Hi there, my name is... - Newcomer Award (self-nomination acceptable)
My Job Sucks More Than Your Job - Best 'Worst Job' Rant
Thanks And Groans - Attention Whore (Good or Bad)
Best Poster of the Year - Sponsored by Going-Grey
Hi guys,

Yes, TCE was down and out for a day or so.
The server type people did not inform Photon that this was going to happen.

We're out of cash.
It sucks. Please dig deep if you can donate or if you can't then pray to whatever God / Goddess you subscribe to...

There's a DONATE button in Green on the top there for PAYPAL.
For the TCE bank account details please contact me and I will let you know.


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5 Years Old tomorrow!
Huzzah! It's not quite the olympics, but it'll have to do!

What did you get us?
A donation? Hmmm... hmmm?
Seems to be a few miscreants posting up spam and rubbish links on the public forums. I know some of you are already reporting these and we're responding as fast as we can to delete their posts. So thank you very much for doing this. You keep reporting them and we'll keep deleting them!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance...