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    I ask legitimate questions based on factual evidence that I have regarding my legal documentation and my threads get locked.

    Not once did I infringe the said forums rules, not once did I slander or pass defamatory remarks and yet my threads get closed.

    What gets me more is that the closure of my threads was discussed by Moderators and Normal Users via Twitter last night.

    I have only received one PM stating that my questions are being looked into ... and have had no public response to my questions or concerns at all.

    I guess I am being ignored ... oh well ... what's new. :)
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    I assuming you are talking about another forum, right?
  3. NovoGeek

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    Yes ... my apologies ... sorry for not being clear. :(
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    What are you talking about?
  5. NovoGeek

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    Sorry I am just venting about the draconian use of moderators on forums to block people from asking legitimate questions.

    I don't want to mention names because everyone will probably just go ... "oh no not that again".

    I am therefore using the "Troll Wars" and "General Gossip" title of the thread to do a bit of healing venting. :(

    Just ignore my posts ... sorry again.
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    Everybody here likes to read a good rant :)

    Now tell us what you are talking about!
  7. NovoGeek

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    Well basically I am on a Distance Learning Course ... yes I no ... I was dumb.

    I am from South Africa (my wife is a British citizen) so I am using that as my excuse for not knowing any better ... and I am sticking with it.

    Well I have recently been provided with some information regarding the inner workings of the organisation in question and this got me starting to look further into the agreements I had signed.

    Basically there were some glaring mistakes and as I delved deeper into the documentation and various statements made I started to get unanswered questions.

    So over the last couple of days I have been posting my questions on the forums that are specifically run by the organisation in question ... and this morning all my threads were locked.

    The excuse was that the people who could answer the questions were away and therefore they were closing the thread to prevent supposition and conjecture.

    They did however discuss closing the threads with non-moderators using Twitter.

    I just feel hard done by, I have legitimate concerns as a student, I have provided factual evidence ... even going as far to purchase Companies House Records ... and I have spoken to two other students who are in a similar situation.

    And what do I get ... a PM saying my questions will be answered and a couple of locked threads.

    I made sure that I didn't slander the company or post defamatory remarks ... I have double and triple checked my facts ... and yet my threads get closed.

    It just makes you wonder if there is something else going on here.

    p.s. In order to prevent to Libel threats and other nice things, I am not going to mention the course or the company ... so please don't ask me to.

    p.s.s. Yes I know ... I was dumb and should never have signed up ... I accept that. :(
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    Train2Game? :coat:
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    They don't need industry support.

    Just naive punters with enough money to let them make a profit ripping off people's dreams.
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  13. Eclectic

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    Just £100 needed.
    As deposit on a credit agreement.

    So the course provider gets all their money up front. One must question why they need this.
  14. DrDeth

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    That is a rather good question. Its said to be an 'enrollment fee', but perhaps its the sales commission?
  15. NovoGeek

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    Well if you work out 36 at £135.00 is £4860.00 ... so the £100.00 is the ... err ... umm ... crap I really don't know.
  16. Eclectic

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    I was questioning why they need their money up front.

    According to UCAS there are 330 video games courses out there at University and College level in the UK. Most of them not very good, just academic opportunism. Some say there are more people on these courses than there are people employed in the whole UK video game industry. And of course the industry is slimming down quite a lot at the moment. Lots of studios closed and lots letting people go.
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    I am being subject to an online hate campaign.
    Details: http://www.bruceongames.com/2009/11/04/interesting-twitter-abuse/
    Just look at this comment that has been added:

    It’s pretty standard when anyone seems to make a statement against Train2Game – pure coincidence I’m sure…. The main article on the blogspot link is a cut and paste from the one on citizenfreepress.blogspot which also has attacks against the home learning college and people who posted on the original Digital Trends thread.
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