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Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Artist!' started by milkcarton, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. milkcarton

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    Hey there.

    This is a little experiment we are starting here. We have noticed that there are plenty of talented and pro-active folks out there who want to break into the industry and are looking for some words of wisdom (or doom), some networking help etc.

    This is specifically an "art newbie" forum, so we welcome any questions you newbies have about "how is it like to be a game artist??" or even portfolio critiques. If demand for "code/design" is raised, there may be another newbie forum for that. We'll see.

    This is a public forum but I will keep the trash talk to a minimum. Let it be known as a rule that NO PERSONAL INSULTS are allowed in this forum. Unless you are providing constructive criticism, DO NOT randomly just make fun of other people's work. I WILL be an iron bitch about any bullying so you have been warned.

    Keep it clean and civil and let's try to do a good thing here. :)
    Have fun and let's have a go.
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    nice, the spam bots tell jokes!
  3. Bryzklee

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    Can we keep him?
  4. inpHilltr8r

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    No, he's been taken out back and shot, like all the others.
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    I miss MilkCarton!
  6. revenge of c64

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    I have only one piece of advice to aspiring game artists: Listen to Lemmy!