Re-Spawn: Pre-release Game Play Test...

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    I have just finished uploading some in-game video footage of the Pre-release Game Play Test for Re-Spawn. Thought it might interest someone, and hopefully drum up a little support for the game ... prior to me launching the DEMO and starting my funding drive.

    There are currently a few issues on this release:
    1. Physics: 2 of the soft-body flags didn't drape properly, this has since been fixed.
    2. Sound: The Mamba has a bit of a sound glitch, this has also been fixed.
    3. Sound: The rigid-body crates slide sounds is annoying, I have since acquired some better ones.

    A few more items need to be added to the level in question:
    1. Lighting: Some extra lights need to be added and the actual light models need to be placed.
    2. Sound: The siren and flashing red light needs to be activated, this is used to indicate when a next wave is in-bound.
    3. Physics: The exploding barrels need to be added, these can be used to cause an area damage to nearby clones.

    Finally a few modifications to the GUI need to be made:
    1. Option GUI: This needs to be finalised and converted to the new GUI theme.
    2. Scroll Bars: These need to be converted to the new GUI theme.
    3. End Game GUI: This needs to be changed to the new GUI theme.

    Other then that, the Internal Demo of the game will be ready to go by the end of this coming week. Those that wish to have access to it, please contact me through e-mail or Facebook. The Internal Demo will not have the High Scores and Profile areas activated, its main purpose is to gauge the game play on different hardware and to see if the implementation of game levels (i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard, etc.) will be needed.

    Once again, good luck with your projects.