Re-Spawn: Funding Round Two...

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    Interesting idea, you should check out a classic map called Spaz4 for Quakeworld Teamfortress (most likely was ported to later iterations) which blended a game show theme into the core combat really well.
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    Thanks Mad. I will check in to that.

    I used the two funding approaches to see how to do things and what information you would need on a funding drive to get the people interested.

    My idea is to now finish off the demo 100% and hook in a High Scores Table on the website. I will then use this as a major driving force ... including a higher quality video and some better footage and try to relaunch the funding in the next couple of months.

    I have realised that I need more information on the funding drives as well as better perks ... I also need to not be so hasty to get things out there and should rather take my time and get my own house in order first.

    So I will slow things down a little. :)

    Thanks again ... will look at that map. I have also worked out a pipeline that allows me to get BSP and MAP files into my game (without any textures) which I can then use as a base structure for future maps.

    Keep it real. :)
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    It's a gutsy move to put out your product to the world and let them judge it before you're done. Especially in the FPS genre where our years of saturation have made us really only expect the best. I really like the crowd source model but am hesitant about it in games, due to the length of development cycles combined with peoples short attention spans nowadays. Plus, marketing plays such a huge part in this. You can be the best damn developer out there but if you can't get the word out no one will ever know that. Even if you get that one day of mentions on the sites you have to be ready to pounce on that.

    Keep an eye on as they should open soon and if you want any direct feedback about your pitch/game from a vet game designer send me a PM.
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    Hi Mad,

    Thanks again for the advice. I am probably going to self-fund this one completely and will probably release this game for free. Hopefully this will give me some traction in the market.

    Regardless of the outcome, I have decided to make a game that I want to play and hopefully a few other people will find it interesting as well. :)

    I have gone back to the beginning on this one and I am busy updating my High Level Overview, creating my 60 Second Pitch, and cleaning-up my Game Design Document. All of this is being captured on my Confluence system and I will be using JIRA to track and plan my final development cycle. I have decided to treat this as a proper project (just like I would for my day job) and even if it takes me another year to finish it ... so be it.

    This has become more of a personal challenge for me now and not a way of making money. At the end of the day I want to be able to say: "Hey look I made this and damn I am having fun playing it" ... even if I am the only one.

    Thanks again for the tips and the feedback and I once I have completed my High Level Overview and 60 Second Pitch I would like to take you up on your offer to give it a once over for me.