Next - Gen Games Programmers Needed!

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    Next Gen Games Programmers required. I am always on the look out for Games Programmers for my clients and at the moment I need a number of Next - Gen Games Programmers for one of my clients who is based in the home counties. Location though isn't the issue you think it might be, although ideally you would be on site all the working week, they are happy to consider applications from programmers who would want to work from home. These roles require people with some experience, ideally at least one published console game, strong C/C++ skills, Game logic and console technology development and a relevant degree (Maths, Computing, Games, Physics). If you also have any Network / Co-op play coding experience or have worked with AI, or Physics Programming, or perhaps Multi-threaded programming experience or maybe you have Xbox 360 /PS3 experience then so much the better (though not mandatory). The salaries are very generous and vary depending on experience. Please send me your CV and I promise I will phone you shortly.If you are not ready for the move yet but would still like to make contact with a view to future vacancies not just at this client but at many more then please contact me!
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    I thought they'd been a load of activity on the forum in the past few hours. Now I understand why.
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