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Discussion in 'General Gossip, Troll Wars & Game Development' started by WildPhoenix, Jan 22, 2010.

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    A spell checker, capital letters and punctuation?
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    There are ways to solicit developers and ways not to. Guess which this is?
  4. haowan

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    Odds on it's:

    - an RPG
    - MMO
    - Epic
    - Tactical elements
    - A large job tree
    - Set in space but also steampunk and on planets
    - lots of hats and other customisation
    - shooter sections and stealth sections
    - you can buy your own space ship and do what you want just like in Eve
    - you can power up your sword to whatever you like, everyone has a sword but you can also change it to an axe or a hammer or like a frozen tuna and other stuff, there's cool pvp
    - everything good about warcraft, eve, aeon, and runescape and none of the bad bits, except better
    - swing by his deviant art page for concept work examples
    - also since he has no development experience we have to do all the development for a 30% cut, he has the ideas and might write the story, or just the storyline. Or maybe the characters. But the ideas are important enough that this warrants a share of most of the profits.
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    Haowan, how did you find out about the game I am making?!?!?!
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    Activision's new hiring policy?
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    "I've designed a game - it's the bestest new game in the world - i need a developer to make me it"

    .. Hang on, it's not Tim is it?
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    Strange you just resurected a thread from january?
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    There was a bizarre piece of spam. Looked like some auto-generated text.
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    Please don't bother replying to spam. I just delete it, and then your comments either disappear, or just look odd. If you must do something, report it using the little red and white triangular thing.
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    You should have left it, it was such an odd bit of spam, not even linking to a website as usually happens.
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    They tend to edit their posts or signature once they're past the post / time threshold of automated anti-spam system, and once their posts have slipped from the forum top so nobody notices. It's better to delete+ban.
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    You have clearly stolen MY game idea ;)
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    Well that was interesting.