I've Arrived!

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Where do you work?

  1. United States

  2. Canada

  3. South America

  4. United Kingdom / Ireland

  5. France

  6. Germany

  7. Rest of Western Europe

  8. Eastern Europe / Russia

  9. China

  10. Hong Kong

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  11. Japan

  12. Taiwan

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  13. Singapore

  14. Rest of Far East

  15. Australia

  16. New Zealand / New Guinea

  17. Other, (please specify)

  1. b43am

    b43am Lurker One Of Us


    Hello everyone!
  2. IFW

    IFW Procastibator One Of Us

  3. Meta

    Meta Lurker One Of Us

    I've Arrived :)
  4. Gamefox

    Gamefox Gunslinger One Of Us

    I am here also as well

    Hello TCE.

    thank you for the membership, glad to be part of the group. :)
  5. ZombieJ

    ZombieJ Lurker One Of Us

    Bosh! I Have Arrived!

    From Space!
  6. Zimzibar

    Zimzibar Lurker One Of Us

    Hi guys, just arrived here :) I'm a freelance 2D artist currently stuck in QA while looking for my first studio job! Glad to be here.
  7. inevitablespoon

    inevitablespoon Lurker One Of Us

    I've arrived

    I'm in QA, 5 years in QA and Compliance. I've arrived!
  8. drstrider

    drstrider Lurker One Of Us

    I'm a programmer, and I've been working in the games industry for 10+ years, the majority of which was at Bizarre Creations.
    I am currently working at TT Fusion where I've been on the Tech Team for about a year.

    Hi everyone!
  9. Dog

    Dog Artisan Cheese One Of Us

    I see that Tim requires everyone at TTF to join TCE.
  10. Podzz

    Podzz Lurker One Of Us

    Hi Everyone.

    I am an artist. I have been working professionally for a year and as a hobby plugging holes to the void since Half-Life 1.
  11. eggboxderek

    eggboxderek Lurker One Of Us Not From Round Here

    I am arrived! I'm a designer/programmer/producer and have spent most of the last 11 years making games (apart from the time spent making tea, which probably accounts for about 10 years of that).

    I used to work at Free Radical Design and Crytek UK, I now run Eggbox Interactive and work mostly as a freelance designer/programmer/producer. I'd also like to develop a few games of my own, if I can ever find the time.

    This site was recommended by a former colleague, looking forward to getting to know the community here!
  12. Zamx

    Zamx Lurker Not From Round Here

    Hi, I'm Belgian software engineer hoping to become a game programmer. My only industry experience was my internship at Larian Studios.
  13. tivolo

    tivolo Lurker One Of Us


    I'm a programmer with 8 years of industry experience, mostly working on the technological side of things.

    Glad to be aboard!
  14. lash

    lash Lurker One Of Us

    Hey all,

    Just posting to say I've arrived, been in the industry for a few years now and loving every minute, well... almost every minute ;)!

  15. IFW

    IFW Procastibator One Of Us

    Mommy.. this guy scares me!
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  16. loupz

    loupz Lurker One Of Us

    Hello all!

    I was in QA for a year before leaving the industry to design apps and now I'm back as a Game Designer. I've been in the position for just under a year now.

    Looks like a great community and I'll be floating around here picking up nuggets of wisdom to carry me through the start of my career. Hopefully.
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  17. CaffeineQueen

    CaffeineQueen Programmer One Of Us

    Programmer here. Excited to join the community here!
  18. tricky

    tricky Meat Popsicle Staff Member More Equal Than Others

    Welcome, new peeps!
  19. IFW

    IFW Procastibator One Of Us

    Me and Tricky are offering hugs and kisses to all new members.
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  20. Vange

    Vange Gaming Guru One Of Us

    You`ll learn here to be wary of producers. That`s about it \\:D/

    (welcome all guys/gals!)