I'new in this forum

Discussion in 'HOW TO JOIN' started by NewPandler, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. NewPandler

    NewPandler Lurker Not From Round Here

    Please tell me where i can read the bases.
  2. Slappo_the_great

    Slappo_the_great Troll One Of Us

    All your base belong to us....
  3. Chigley

    Chigley Archbishop of Cool One Of Us

    This is EXACTLY why this is a private forum. Mind you, it aint much better inside :)
  4. Blooregard Q Kazoo

    Blooregard Q Kazoo Gaming God One Of Us

    I think it's a spam bot
  5. Aticus Finch

    Aticus Finch Gaming God One Of Us

    yeap, just google the user name,

  6. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Mei and the Kittenbus. One Of Us

    ...or carefully (and I mean CAREFULLY) hover your mouse over the little underlined period in the signature.
  7. Jimmy Thicker

    Jimmy Thicker 2 Fast 2 Furious One Of Us

    The bases aren't that great anyway.
  8. Sairon

    Sairon Ossom One Of Us

    It might be worth to add rel="nofollow" to outgoing links in all posts, this means that no page rank will carry over to the link, making most of the spam useless. It would also mean that TCE won't be contributing page rank to for example bruce blog :p

    Probably won't stop them from spamming though hehe.
  9. dannthr

    dannthr Shameless Promoter One Of Us

    And to think, just today, I was worried about acquiring both bridesmaid dresses AND flowergirl dresses! All I had to do was go to THE CHAOS ENGINE where all my wedding fantasies and or sick fetishes come true!

    Thank you, TCE!
  10. revenge of c64

    revenge of c64 Grabthar's hammer One Of Us

    The fridge is in the base. Thats where I keep all the spambots.
  11. aliraza167

    aliraza167 Lurker Not From Round Here


    Hi Members I'm Ali i"m teenager and new in networking field its my first posting on this forum and i glad to be a part of this forum.
  12. benjymous

    benjymous grapefruit One Of Us

    Awesome. Any tips on building a low latency multi player system for Android that'll work over 3g and local ad-hoc wifi?