how long does it take to get approved?

Discussion in 'HOW TO JOIN' started by Gateway69, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. dannthr

    dannthr Shameless Promoter One Of Us

    By the way, you know the suitcase from Pulp Fiction.

    All I can say is that everyone who said you'll be disappointed when you get in is lying through their hair.

    My face is awash with a golden glow just looking at it.

    Literally, it's carnival of delights the likes of which I have never seen on the Internet or in real life before now.

    Eye-poppingly incredible!
  2. Jason X

    Jason X Proactive Serial Killer One Of Us

    It's all a trap. The Private area is where they send you when your jewel goes off in Logan's Run.
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  3. dannthr

    dannthr Shameless Promoter One Of Us

    No, no, no no!

    It's not a trap at all, it's a fluffy-wonderland filled with kitten smiles and warm huggles!

    Jason X has been sent to re-education camp where everyone learns to play and have lots of fun!
  4. Jason X

    Jason X Proactive Serial Killer One Of Us

    I got 100% on Alone in the Dark: Inferno. Fun has no place in my world.
  5. dannthr

    dannthr Shameless Promoter One Of Us


    There really IS a kitten thread though...
  6. mrelder

    mrelder Lurker Not From Round Here

    Ooook that was an interesting read. :) I don't know who i know in here, but i do know some people. Chances are someone i know is here, but doesn't know i am!

    aw crap.. you know what i mean right?!

    p.s. I'll be at the cafeteria!
  7. Bastille

    Bastille Advanced Troll One Of Us

    Still waiting on approval, need to get another voucher... hrm.
  8. howdyzach

    howdyzach Lurker One Of Us Not From Round Here

    I sent in my request for approval but from reading the publicly available threads it looks like the only way to get approved is via voucher - I actually had an account when I was at EA Tiburon like 4 years ago but forgot all the login information and have new email addys etc - does anyone know if anyone on the forum is at Kaos Studios right now that I can pester? I can't really send an email to the entire studio and not look like a jackass, so if you could let me know who I can pester that would be great
  9. Industry101

    Industry101 Some guy One Of Us

    Arrival Post

    Hello, I have arrived.
  10. Lightsider

    Lightsider Lurker One Of Us

    I been made redundant since sending my request to a PM.
  11. eriksvensson

    eriksvensson Lurker Not From Round Here

    On my 5th year of waiting for approval... Sent email from my dice/starbreeze/guerrrilla games/remedy entertainment email and now my ubisoft massive one. Im about to give up on ever getting access.. :(
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  12. Brian Beuken

    Brian Beuken Boring Old Fart One Of Us

    Do you know anyone here? Getting a vouch is much easier than waiting for the admins to get round to checking.
  13. eriksvensson

    eriksvensson Lurker Not From Round Here

    Not sure, ill have to check.