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    PFA are currently recruiting for 6 gaming clients across the following areas London, Midlands, Brighton and the North (Yorkshire and also North east).

    All the clients are actively looking to pay exceptional salaries for the right candidates!

    PFA are instructed to recruite for a number of positions including:

    Executive Producers
    Games Programmers
    Senior Animator
    Game Designer
    Tools Programmer
    PS3 Programmer
    Senior Technology Programmer
    3d Modeller
    Environment artist
    Design Director
    Next Generation Physics Programmer

    Please forward a CV with location and salary expectations, in order to be considered for any of the above opportunities to

    (PFA will donate £100 to The Chaos Engine for every successful placement that is introduced via The Chaos Engine*)
  2. Brian Beuken

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    how very nice..but ermm...who are pfa?
  3. Mouseshadow

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    Even a cursory search reveals they are, obviously, the professional footballers' association.

    I'm slightly worried, they seem to be members of (w)REC(k) and TEAM.
  4. Brian Beuken

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    wellllll thats why I ask, is under construction and all I can google is the Professional Footballers Association, the Performer Friendly Agency and of course the Pre Feltched Anus Legauge but thats probably the PFAL ;)
  5. Mouseshadow

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    (They really are a member of REC TEAM)
  6. Brian Beuken

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    Ah right its there now..must have been a glitch

    Another general recruiter shovelling CV's around...that pond seems to be getting ever more shark infested.
  7. Zippy

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    Oh god help us, yet another recruitment company whose portfolio of clients is drying up and they've decided the games industry is worth a shot, after all, IT, Java, SQL and C++ skills are a bit like games aren't they. tells us they are actually:
    The Specialist Recruitment Service to
    the Consumer Credit, Finance &
    Insurance Industry

    So I do not believe for a second that they have any such clients on their book, they are simply looking to harvest CV's so they can spam busy developers with the same tired 'best recruitment company ever' spiele 3 times a week.

    And as for £100, that's pin money against the 30% commission they'll probably try and earn off their victims.

    Sorry if they sound like rude assumptions Mr PFA (and please feel free to correct me), but after enduring years of persistent cold calls and irrelevant CV's polluting our inbox I guess I'm a little jaded.
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    I fully understand that you will have been spammed with CV's from every agency I can name, however all the roles I have listed are 100% real and the clients has specifically agreed to use PFA.

    I was actually advised of the Chaos Engine by a Leeds based gaming client, and upon registering noticed the "green" Donate button. the £100 donation was a gesture in order to support the forum and not a tool to ensure my "30 % commission" - which doesn’t exist!!!

    I am looking to supply a service to help candidates find a new role - I have been approached by candidates that have approached companies direct only to find themselves waiting for news on their application that never transpires, this is a free service to candidates and ensures their CV's go direct to technical people (with their acceptance to recieve cv's).
  9. PeterM

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    Who is this CV guy, and what is it of his that keeps finding its way into your inboxes?

  10. Jaccident

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    Yeah I get quite a lot from the folk at Aardvark Swift. I'm sorry but they relocated me 6 months ago to a job I'm happy in, no you can neither tell me about great jobs in my area (which you haven't even updated since I moved idiots) nor can you send me a generic calender for next year. If you do send me one, I'll of course reply in kind. But the one I send back will just be yours, covered in wee, with "piss off" written on every page!

    Sorry about that. I really don't want that calendar!
  11. Gazz

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    Thanks abcd908 that sounds really interesting :cool: .
  12. Xajin

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    Now that's just bad journalism.
  13. fantastico

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    I suspect you had trouble because works while doesn't.