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Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Artist!' started by GrahamRanson, May 17, 2009.

  1. GrahamRanson

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    Hello all,

    After the success I was lucky to experience in last years Dare to be Digital competition and also my industrial placement year in a games development company I have decided set up a forum that I hope will be able to help students who want to get into the games industry connect and talk to people who are already in the games industry or just other students who are on the same career path, the forum can be located here - www.futureingaming.co.nr

    Currently there are no members as I have only just opened it up, basically I'm posting here to try to get some interest in it as for it to be successful it will need a motivated and enthusiastic community behind it.

    If all goes well with the forum I have bigger plans for the rest of the site I will eventually make for it but right now I'm just starting off small.

    Thanks for reading,

    Graham Ranson

    P.S. sorry for double posting this in the "I wanna be a Game Programmer" section as well but I just want to get as much exposure for it as possbile.
  2. Ethereal

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    I can confirm that Graham is a decent guy and wish this endeavour well. If anyone has any advice for him, do chip in.
  3. mrelder

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    hey how's it going what happened with that forum?
  4. Shazmog

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    Doesn't look like the url works anymore, shame would have been good to help with this