Executive Masters in Media Innovation, in The Netherlands

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    This might be of interest to anyone seeking to attain some educational qualifications to help get into the industry, or those who want to try to gain further advancement in a company which places value on educational qualifications rather than time served or indeed for those who just want to expand their educational experience

    NHTV is offering an Executive Master of Media Innovation program starting in January 2011. There is a link here to the standard Masters programme which has already started but gives a good overview of the course and the modules invovled.
    The "Executive" program (link here)is essentially the same but targeted at working professionals rather than post grads, a relevent degree in media or business is considered a requirement, but depending on experience and other credits, it may not be needed.

    Places are limited but there are spots still available (8 at the last count)
    The course is based in Breda/Almere The Netherlands, and attendance is needed 10 times over the course of a year (basically each month for 2.5 days, so its long weekends),.

    If anyone is interested, please pm me, I'll put you in touch with the relevent people and get more accurate information for you.