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Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Artist!' started by FunkyMonkey, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. FunkyMonkey

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    so i made one up
  2. Mouseshadow

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  3. benjymous

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    I want to own a pet lion. It would be so cool. I'd feel safe walking the streets, and the thrill of going out hunting with it would be awesome.

    People tell me I should just go visit the lions at the safari park instead, but they don't understand. I need that lion at my bedside, you know, just in case something happens.

    A house cat is no use - -how the heck is that supposed to take down an elk?

    I know everyone is down on big cat ownership, after those kids got mauled, but that only happened because they didn't have bug cats of their own.
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  4. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Mei and the Kittenbus. One Of Us

    I don't have an issue with big cats, I just don't think Americans should have them.
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  5. benjymous

    benjymous grapefruit One Of Us

    True, they don't have the same problems in Canada
  6. Rusty_Nutz

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    He just printed the tail, in plastic...
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  7. Anhony Flack

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    The thing about a cat is, their only purpose is to kill things. They're not like dogs which have many other legitimate uses. I keep a small cat at home; it's extremely low calibre but even so I am sorry to say there have been many fatal incidents, mostly involving birds and rats.

    (Rats are ok, but not the fantails! Jesus! Stop killing everything you little fucking psychopath!)
  8. m_hael

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    thats what she said.
  9. Vectorial

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    You can take away my lion when you pry my cold, dead body out of its paws.
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  10. Anhony Flack

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    The constitutional amendment was only intended to cover domestic cats, and you have to remember this was an era with severe rodent problems. I'm sure if the founding fathers could see the big jungle cats people walk around with these days they'd be horrified.
  11. Mouseshadow

    Mouseshadow Mei and the Kittenbus. One Of Us

    They're not really big cats. They're small cats that are bred to look cool...

  12. Hypercube

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    All this hysteria about "assault cats" in the media, it's a completely meaningless term, created by people completely ignorant of cats. Can anyone in this thread define for me exactly what an "assault cat" is? No, exactly. Just more scaremongering by PC liberals.

    But sure, if you want the government to have a monopoly on cats, go ahead. Me? I'll be stockpiling cats, whiskas and litter trays for the day when you libtards find out why it's a bad idea to limit cat ownership to the authorities.

    While you're at it, maybe you can tell me where it says in the Constitution that we're not allowed to own a panther? Check and mate you liberal morans.

    If you don't like cats, why don't you go live in one of those communist dictaterships like Sweden or Dutchland, you commies!
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  13. TheThinMan

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    You guys remind me, I want to sign up for that lion taming course...
  14. IFW

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    People like you shouldnt be allowed to own lions.