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Discussion in 'I wanna be a Game Artist!' started by Eric Chadwick, May 1, 2008.

  1. Eric Chadwick

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    I can't recommend this book enough. Posted this elsewhere recently, maybe people here can benefit from it as well. It's nearly essential for freelance artists, though salarymen will find useful info as well.

    Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

    I think it's less than 30 bucks on Amazon, but it's worth way way more. The sample contracts alone are amazing, but they also delve into payment, legal issues, taxes, how much to charge, how to deal with change requests, etc., and generally how to communicate effectively with whomever is contracting/employing you.

    Definitely pick it up before starting your first job. And no, I'm not affiliated, no royalties for me. :cool:
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  2. IronHawk

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    cool stuff Eric. Once I finish my texture book ill pick that up.
  3. Eric Chadwick

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    Yeah, I learned about this before I got into games, when I was interested in freelance illustration. But the book still applies. In fact it's good for other devs like coders too, explains Work For Hire, etc.
  4. wallasaurus

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    its a good book.

    it will possibly make you consider life choices and career path. maybe.

    I wish I had no heart and worked in advertising - I'd have a better chance of being rich. :)
  5. pickassoreborn

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    I remember when I freelanced to survive while looking for a new job in the industry - it was pretty exciting stuff, although there's nothing more exciting than phoning up clients chasing up payment while your bank account steadily shrinks..!

    I was amazed with the networking/contacts though - I soon grew quite a small collection of them! I'd do it again, but time constraints (i.e. work) prevents me from doing so.