Aspiring 2d character Concept Artist needs professional tips!

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    My name is Devan Sheard i'm 15 years old and I need help with making my art look more in making my art look more industry standard. I use photoshop for all of my coloring and lineart. Does anybody know any good tutorials for concept art? Most tutorials that I find on the internet only talk about touching up photos and making logos or banners. I need All the help I can get because I REALLY want to be a 2d character concept artist in the game industry. Anyone willing to mentor me will be perfect. Don't worry, I will respect everyones time!!

    Here's my gallery of my work so far:

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    Just be good at art, painting, proportions, human study...all the regular art classes.

    Traditional art skills are what is important if you want to go down the concept stage...though it's a very limiting field to specifically aim towards.
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    There are a lot of good books (both in stores and online) that will help you out alot if you read them and really try to understand what they are trying to say. A lot of people recommend books by Andrew Loomis (which most can be found online), and they are pretty helpful.

    If you read some books and try to learn the basics first - such as being able to grasp and illustrate silhouettes and shape, value, then photoshop techniques will be much easier to learn (not to mention easier to apply to your art).

    Start by working in black and white - working on things like sketching up proportions and then rendering the shapes with values. Learning to draw is hard enough juggling the concepts of silhouettes and values as it is. Putting colour (hue and saturation) into the equation will only get in the way.

    Hope that helps.
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    indeed. Solid basics and diversity wil get you far
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    that link isnt working for me.. i just get to the front page.

    i'm a concept artist in games and film and the most useful thing i can tell you is that whether you fail or succeed is entirely dependent on how dedicated you are. be prepared to draw at least 8 hours a day, 6+ days a week - i.e. you need to be spending a full working week on drawing, painting and studying. it is a hardcore, demanding and competitive profession. the good news is you're 15, which means you should have the time to make it happen.

    don't worry too much if you don't go to a big expensive art school - it's still possible to learn, from places like for example. but you must put in the time. i wouldn't bother too much with tutorials - it's probably more useful to look at people's finished art and try to figure out how they got there.the other thing is to figure out what you like, what kind of artist you want to be - i.e. finding your voice.

    good luck!