View Full Version : ChibiRobusuta Joins the Team

07-10-2005, 07:02 PM
Some of the more observant amongst you might have noticed that Chibirobusuta is now a TCE moderator. We're all such a lazy bunch of gits that we let the memberships lag, far, far behind, (apologies to those waiting to join). Chibi offered to take up the slag and handle memberships for us, (crazy, crazy man)... Who are we to complain :-)

So welcome aboard Chibi. I'm sure most of you know him from the forums, and a few of you have met him at TCE get togethers at shows and such. He's a decent guy and a respected member of the community, (despite being so completely insane he wants to handle our memberships).

New members should still email the webmaster account, (in fact, if you haven't done so in the last week, email it again). If you have any problems when you first join, or you'd like to vouch for someone then please PM Chibi direct, (or any of the team will do), and you can email him on chibirobusuta@thechaosengine.com